An action to take over the holiday break

One way you can help stop campus carry is by reaching out to your state legislator while you're home for the holidays. It's more important to reach out from your home district than from Lawrence or Manhattan because those legislators are already supportive. But your home legislator may not even have thought about this issue. 

After the November elections there are 50 new legislators coming to Topeka. They need to hear from us, because they're sure to hear from the other side of this. So please, write them an email, saying something like,

 “Hello, my name is [      ]. I'm a voter in your district, I [am a student/have a son or daughter who's a student] at [State University], and I am opposed to the concealed carry of firearms, without permit or training, on our campuses. I am asking you to support an extension of the exemption that colleges and universities have to the concealed carry law. I'll be keeping track of this issue, and of your vote. Thank you very much for your time. Yours, .... ”

To find your legislators:

  • To figure out which district you're in, visit and enter your address. Note: the legislators who come up may have been replaced. Just get the district numbers.
  • Go to this document and look up the contact information by district. If you want to call them and can't find the number in the usual ways, call our office at (913) 232-2336 and we'll see if we can help. 

Ask your neighbors to do it. Ask your parents' friends to do it. Ask the people in your parents' church to do it. Ask your pastor to do it. Post this on your Facebook page and ask your college friends to reach out to the legislators in their districts. The more we can "message" our legislators before they even take office, the better prepared they will be when the issue reaches them during the session.

Thanks! And happy holidays - enjoy your break! 

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